What our students have to say​

Dhaval Popat

Manager - Analytics at EXL

Preeti is a gifted instructor. I consider myself fortunate to have been her students for Base SAS and Be Data Smart course at DataScienceLab. Since she has a vast corporate experience in Data Analytics, she knows exactly what the industry requirements are and where to bridge the gap. She is a perfect blend of skills in Information Technology, Statistics and Business. She knows variety of creative teaching methods to make sure one learns properly with the most relevant examples. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Preeti for her significant contribution to my career and making transition from Sales to Analytics possible, I wish her all the best in her endeavours

As per me I found the course quite informative and the breadth it covered of the data science domain. The use cases specifically ,gathered over the years of practice of Preeti in this area, were of tremendous help to relate the concept. With DSL it is not only the days during the duration of the course those were beneficial but after the completion of the course as well DSL have always been extending help in any queries and challenges that are faced in the pursuit of Data Science , The Discipline!

Ankur Saxena

Solution Manager / Architect at Greenlight Technologies

Debashish Nath

IT Analyst Programmer at David Jones

Many thanks to Preeti for designing a wonderful course on Data Science which is not only perfect for experienced professionals but also equally good for people who want to venture in this field. Being an experienced Data warehousing professional, I found the course meeting all my learning objectives and is excellent stepping stone towards Analytics which goes hand in hand with DWH. I wish Preeti all the best in all her endeavours.

I was completely new to the field of data analytics and "Be Data Smart" gave me right kind of motivation to get into this field. The training provided in this course introduced me to all the basis concepts of data analytics. It is so much fun when can draw so many interesting insights from bland looking datasets. This course helped me in transforming myself from data collector to data explorer. Mehul Mehta Regional Manager at Aanvii Hearing

Mehul Mehta

Regional Manager at Aanvii Hearing

Aditi Atmasidha

Student, 16yrs old (Joined Be-data-smart course after 10th)

Data science is a thriving and enigmatic field and hence it demands a very knowledgeable team of teachers in order to guide an aspirant like me to the core concepts of data. I sincerely thank Data Science lab for offering this guidance. The faculties here have worked on various projects and hence are aware of the practical implications of the concepts, making our job as students easier. Further it allows us to have a practical oriented point of view towards the field. Interactive activities and challenging case studies keep you engaged throughout the session. With Data Science lab age is never a limitation. Thank you Team Data Science lab.

I attended the Be Data Smart training at Data Science lab, this helped me in lot of way in achieving and getting my doubts clarified whether I’m really a Data Science material or not. Unlike other institute the trainer do not promises you to make a Data Scientist in 3 months, which is practically not possible also. But it does give you a good base of statistics to start your journey towards data science. The core of data science is statistics and all the while the focus was it. The trainer is one of the best to look forward for if you are serious about making a career in data science. I would recommend Data Science Lab for all Data Science fervent. Shahnawaz Sayyed

Shahnawaz Sayyed


Raj Patil

Assistant Manager at American Express

Preeti is an immensely talented analytics trainer. I had the privilege of learning Base SAS Programming under Preeti. It wasn't just the SAS training, I approached Preeti for most of my doubts - ranging from silly to very complex during my stint as an intern in IDeaS - A SAS Company. And every time I've approached her, I've had my queries solved with a lot of eagerness and passion. Even after my training program, Preeti has guided me and backed me up for other certification courses in analytics. Apart from being very talented and vastly experienced in SAS, Preeti is a very humble person who always greets you with a smile. It is a pleasure to be associated to an analytics trainer of a high calibre. I wish Preeti all the very best and I'm sure she'll be super successful in whatever field she ventures into.

I was a part of the group which was trained for Base SAS by Preeti. I was the youngest in the group at 21 and the oldest person would be in his/her 40s. We were all from different educational backgrounds and work in different departments of the company. Despite this variety, the way she handled the class and the way she instilled the concepts of Base SAS into our minds was brilliant. She would never let go of any topic until its fundamentals are clear to each one of us. She used to make us answer our own doubts by guiding us and taking us back into the concepts. There was nothing like she didn't know. She has a marvellous knowledge of SAS programming. She's a very nice person outside the class too. She used to talk to us about the opportunities in data sciences and the value of SAS certifications and a lot more stuff during our breaks. She's always ready to guide anyone who comes to her for any help. Preeti has a vast experience of training not only in India but also in countries like US and Singapore. I have no reservations in saying that Preeti is an excellent SAS trainer and a marvellous manager.

Prabhavanth Reddy Chilukuri

Senior Associate Staff Scientist at IDeaS - A SAS Company

Prasad Bagaregari

Databases | Banking | Analytics | ETL | Big Data | Payment processing | R | Oracle Cloud

A professional cum analytical explanation followed by genuine illustration of the concept/s with an objective to make the listener understand the said concept/s is what my observation about Preeti (as a corporate trainer) is.. Very intellectual and generous presentation skills to simplify the complex and critical concepts of the data analytics is an indeed intelligence which she posses in adequate quantity...All the best!!!

The course was informative and thorough. Preeti Mam was patient with our learning curve and helped us a lot in the training process. The training was excellent. The course opened new vistas for me. I was able to learn new facets of the technologies. It has helped me to be more analytical, more understanding of all the facts. Yes definitely I would like to recommend it to others. Preeti Mam was very thorough with the course. The course was very detailed.

Sukrut Joshi

ArnAmy Inc. as Business Development Manager of IT Solutions.

Aparna Atmasidha

Project Manager

After working in the cooperate world for 20 years, there comes a time to explore a new aspect to analyze. Thank you Data Science lab for guiding me through the course of data analysis and data presentation. It has opened the door to new opportunities and enabled me to explore the horizon of machine learning. Thank you team Data Science lab.

I had a very good experience while I was enrolled in for Be Data Smart course. Cleared all fundamentals and got me going in the field of data science. The teachers are very helpful and kind.

Adheesh Phadnis​

Business Development and Strategy Analyst at EaSol Private Limited