Today, market is flooded with analytics training institutes. No matter how good is the course content or infrastructure of an institute, if they do not have best trainers with them, course delivery is bound to fail.

Datasciencelab has been started with the sole intention of imparting top class analytics education. Our aim is to create industry ready professionals who can easily tackle complex data analysis problems.

  • We are a team of experienced, enthusiastic analytics professionals, with more than 14 years industry experience.
  • We have mentored hundreds of professionals achieve SAS certifications.
  • Conducted corporate trainings for leading local and international companies.
  • Teaching is our passion and teaching complex concepts by making them simple is our expertise.
  • Our hands-on industry experience and coaching abilities makes a winning combination for course delivery.

Our Team

Datasciencelab leadership team has deep roots in Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Analytical Technologies and Analytics Training

  • Preeti Ranadive, the Founder and Director of Datasciencelab, is an experienced and competent professional, with an enviable academic record and a strong professional background. She realized the importance of data science and data analytics early and is passionately building up Datasciencelab to enable professionals to excel in this domain. Her efforts in the training field are ample testimony to this fact.
  • Preeti holds a Master of Science degree in applied (industrial) statistics from the University of Pune. She is a SAS certified as a base and advanced programmer for SAS9 as well as a predictive modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner 7.
  • With over twenty years’ experience, 18 of them in analytics and training, she started her career as a lecturer in statistics. Moving into the corporate world with IDeaS (now a SAS company), she led a team of business analysts in the optimization and forecasting domain. Preeti joined SAS, where she worked for nine years, first as a corporate trainer before stepping back into analytics to contribute to a solution-testing and research/consulting team.
  • Preeti is a Master Trainer, holding the top three SAS certifications. She is an international trainer for SAS, R, Analytics and Python. She also worked as a business analyst, and in research activities, IP and analytical QA, besides her stint as a lecturer. Another feather in her cap was when she was entrusted with the technical review of three books published by a US publishing house.

Preeti Ranadive

Meet Our Team

Our core team comprises of passionate trainers with more than 15 years of experience individually. Together we bring more than 100 years of experience in analytics. Team is proficient in solving business problems and bring experience from various verticals:



Strong product development background with Forecasting and Deep Learning as key areas.


ML expert, software architect of analytics products with consulting mind set, Data Science and Agile evangelist. 


Passionate data science developer with strong project management background. 


Expert Industry mentor in ML, IBM SPSS, R and Python.


 The hands on guy on key analytics consulting assignments.

Preeti G

Young passionate trainer for analytics.

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